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Swing Bed


Swing Bed

Sweeny Community Hospital offers a swing bed program as an extended care option to meet the individual needs of patients who are in a transition phase of illness or recovery.

    What We Do


    A Personalized Treatment Plan to Get Patients Home Sooner

    Our compassionate medical providers, nurses, therapists, social workers and support personnel work with patients and their family or caregiver to develop an individualized treatment plan.

    Treatment plans are developed with the patient’s specific needs and discharge goals in mind.  Our team works to get patients back home and to the level of activity they are used to.



    Preparing for Successful Discharge

    During a patient’s stay for swing bed, the multi-disciplinary care team will monitor a patient’s improvement from day to day, developing new goals as the patient progresses toward discharge to home or another setting.

    As the patient gets close to meeting their goals, the care team works with the family or caregiver to ensure a successful discharge.

    What does a successful discharge look like?  Families and caretakers are not alone.  Prior to discharge, our Social Worker / Case Manager will assist with resources the patient or family or caregiver may need.  Therapists will ensure that necessary accommodations have been made at home to keep the patient safe, and that the family or caregiver is comfortable using safe body mechanic techniques to assist their loved one and assisting the loved one with any adaptive devices or home exercises.

    If needed, the care team can make referrals to home health or for rehabilitation services.



    Family Is An Important Part of the Care Team

    To be successful with swing bed, families or caregivers are encouraged to visit, as well as to attend care conferences and rehabilitation sessions, if possible.  Family and friends can help encourage patients and keep their spirits high as they work toward their goals. Family, friends and caregivers are an important part of the care team.

    We encourage our swing bed patients to “make themselves at home,” wearing comfortable clothes each day and surrounding themselves with laptops or ipads, pillows and books, or other items that will make their single room more home-like.



    24-Hour Registered Nurse on Duty

    Ability to Transition from Any Acute Care Hospital to Our Program

    Family-Oriented Atmosphere

    Hospital Environment

    Individualized Care Plans

    IV Fluids and IV Medication Administration

    Onsite Laboratory and X-Ray

    Physical Therapy

    Respiratory Therapist

    Skin and Wound Care (including wound vacs)

    Education and monitory of new medications

    Swing Bed


    What is Swing Bed?

    When recovering from surgery, illness or injury, many patients find they need additional care – after their hospital stay but before they’re ready to return home. Sweeny Hospital’s swing bed program helps patients regain strength, mobility and independence in the shortest time possible, close-to-home, in our Medical/Surgical unit.

    Who Qualifies for Swing bed?

    Swing Bed, sometimes referred to as short term rehab, is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as many private insurance plans. Medicare reimbursement requires a 3-day qualifying stay in any Critical Access Hospital (such as Sweeny) or Acute Care Hospital no more than 30 days prior to admission to short-term rehab, or Swing Bed.

    Other insurances may allow Swing Bed status, but authorization must be assured prior to admission. We are happy to assist with questions about insurance coverage.

    Who is Swing Bed for?

    Swing Bed is ideal for patients needing:

    • Wound care
    • Recovery from major surgery, joint replacement or vascular or abdominal operation
    • Rehabilitation after a stroke
    • IV medication therapy or nutritional therapy
    • Strength training after a lingering illness or prolonged hospitalization for acute medical care
    • Intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
    • Pain management
    • Respiratory care
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