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Diagnostic Imaging

April Nichols
Diagnostic Imaging Leader


Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic tests are an important part of a patient visit at Sweeny Community Hospital, serving as an important tool in determining the appropriate treatment for your care. These procedures are conducted on an inpatient, emergency and outpatient basis. Using advanced equipment, such as CT, 3D Mammography, Bone Density screening, X-ray, and ultrasound, our diagnostics team will provide valuable information to your physician to create a custom treatment plan that’s right for you. In addition to advanced technology and equipment available at Sweeny Community Hospital, our diagnostic team includes highly skilled healthcare professionals with the knowledge and expertise your physician needs for accurate tests. You’ll also find a personal touch level of care is part of every visit, which is most often provided by friends and neighbors from our community who treat you like family. 


    What We Do

    3D Digital Mammography

    Sweeny Community Hospital provides state of the art 3D Mammography which provides slices thru the entire breast to create a 3D image of the breast. Similar to a standard mammogram, during the 3D exposure, the x-ray tube moves to capture multiple images of the breast from different angles.  Reconstructing these images in 3D enables the radiologist to see all around and between the breast tissues to help perform an accurate analysis. 3D mammography can be used with most women and for any type of breast, especially for women with dense breasts. The recommended frequency of screening remains the same – annually.  Doctor’s order is required for the procedure. Appointments are made through the Registration Department.

    The digital machine is fast, allowing patients less time to be in an uncomfortable position. Brightness, darkness and contrast can be adjusted and sections enlarged making reading easier, especially for patients with dense tissue. Digital images are easily stored and retrieved.

    Digital mammography is considered a preferred diagnostic tool for women who are either under the age of 50, have very dense or extremely dense breast tissue, are still menstruating or are perimenopausal (starting menopause), but have had a period within the previous 12 months.

    Talk with your doctor about having a digital 3D mammogram.


    Bone Density Screening

    The perfect time to have a Bone Density test is at the time you have your Mammography procedure. When your Primary Care Provider writes orders for your mammogram, ask him or her if it’s time for a bone density test.  If so, ask your PCP to include the second test in your orders and make an appointment with us for both.

    The test shows the amount of bone mineral in your bone tissue. The procedure causes no pain and takes only minutes to complete. 

    require special preparation, so be sure to ask what is required when you schedule. A Doctors’ order is required for the procedure. Call registration at 979-548-1555 for an appointment.



    Ultrasound is the use of sound waves to obtain a medical image of various organs and tissues in the body. It is a painless and safe procedure without the use of radiation. In the ultrasound department we use the most advanced technology and equipment capable of performing a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Utilizing color flow and power doppler imaging we are able to accurately image the abdomen, pelvis, liver and kidneys High frequency transducers are dedicated to the specialized evaluation of the neck, thyroid, and musculoskeletal system Types of ultrasounds Include:

    • Abdominal ultrasound — detects gallstones or tumors
    • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
    • Arteriography and venography —diagnose blood flow abnormalities
    • Breast Ultrasound
    • Carotid Ultrasound
    • Doppler Ultrasound
    • Echocardiogram
    • Pelvic ultrasound — identifies tumors or masses
    • Prostate ultrasound — examines nodules
    • Renal ultrasound — examines the kidneys and urinary tract
    • Scrotal ultrasound — examines the testicles
    • Thyroid ultrasound — examines the thyroid
    • Vascular Ultrasound

    Please note, SCH contracts with Radiology Partners to read our Diagnostic Imaging. You may receive a separate bill for services from them.

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