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Hospice Care and Respite Care

Hospice Care

Sweeny Community Hospital provides inpatient care to hospice patients who need to be in a hospital for symptom management or Hospice Respite which can give their usual caregivers a few days of rest. Hospice care focuses on the comfort of the patient while working to ease the emotional stress faced by all family members.

Respite Care

Sometimes a person isn’t well enough to stay home alone, yet not sick enough to be a full-fledged hospital patient. For people who need something in the middle, Sweeny Community Hospital offers Respite Care.

When a client is admitted for Respite Care, a registered nurse determines what level of care will be assigned based on the estimated average of nursing hours required to meet the client’s needs.  If the client’s status changes while at the hospital, a new level of care will be assigned, or the client could be admitted as a patient if necessary.  At the time of arrival for Respite Care, insurance information will be collected and kept on file in the event of a medical illness necessitating admission.

Respite Care clients are encouraged to bring reading material, hobbies, craft items, etc. that can help make SCH feel like home. Clients who can walk or use a wheelchair may take their meals in their rooms or in the hospital dining room.

Insurance does not pay for Respite Care, so the bill for the estimated length of stay must be paid privately and in advance. Deposits also may be made in advance. 

All medications for the Respite Care client must be brought from home in pharmacy-labeled containers. Any medications or supplies provided by SCH will be billed separately from the charges for Respite Care. The responsible party for the client must maintain supplies of medications and personal items, such as diapers, pads, etc. 

“Sitters” (or someone to stay with the client), may be required for confused or disoriented clients. Sitters are not provided by Sweeny Community Hospital. For more information about Respite Care or to arrange services call 979-548-1561.