Compliance Statement

Sweeny Community Hospital is committed to the highest ethical standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness.  SCH is a compliant facility, as evidenced by compliance with:

  • Hospital Policies
  • Ethical Standards
  • Office of the Attorney General Guidelines
  • Medicare and Medicaid Rules
  • Local, State, and Federal Healthcare Laws, including, but not limited to: HIPAA, Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws, EMTALA and False Claims Act

Sweeny Community Hospital’s Code of Conduct is available through the Compliance Department.


If you become aware of any apparent violation of legal or ethical standards, you must report it to the Compliance Hotline. This anonymous hotline is open to the public to report concerns as well.

For more information on Sweeny Community Hospital’s Compliance Program, contact:

Daisy Dara, MJ Health Law
VP of Risk & Quality/Chief Compliance Officer
(979) 548-1596

For HIPAA questions/concerns, contact:

Daisy Dara, MJ Health Law at (979) 548-1596/HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer