Construction Projects

Introducing the Future

Sweeny Community Hospital was opened to the public in 1965.  SCH has expanded services and continued to grow for over fifty years.  The current Board of Directors has elected to build a more modern facility to better provide for the growing population.  The site that has been chosen for the new location is on Main Street in Sweeny just west of the City Limits.  The SCH campus will embody a vision of healthcare in which health services are delivered with efficiency, comprehensiveness, and careful attention to patient needs.

A project planning team comprised of senior management representatives from SCH has been formed to lead the development of the new facility.  Milestone Project Management is the Program Manager assisting SCH with the planning and construction of the project.  JTM Architects will be providing all Architectural Services.  Doyle & Wachtstetter, Inc. are currently performing all Survey Services.

​Building the new facility will take approximately two years.  The building gross square footage will be 89,668 with twenty medical and surgical beds.  Sweeny Community Hospital District will continue to provide many Inpatient and Outpatient services including surgical services.