Board Members

Members of the Board of Directors Include: Standing (L-R) Scott Swift; Patti Foster, Secretary; Mason Nichols, Vice President; Lisa Leal. Seated (L-R) Don Schulte; P.T. Brunner, President; Violet Weeks.

Moving Forward for Greater Healthcare

As the Board of Directors for Sweeny Community Hospital, we are united in purpose and dedicated
to a single mission: transforming our hospital into a local center for healthcare excellence. Every decision we make, from the acquisition of new equipment to the hiring of new, highly-qualified and experienced providers, is guided by this quest for excellence.

As civic and business leaders in our community we understand that a strong hospital is an important asset for the area, helping to attract new business and industry and promoting the economic health of our community. We believe it is vitally important for this community that our hospital is continually moving forward to achieve a higher level of healthcare.

We thank you for choosing Sweeny Community Hospital over the years. As we make a fresh commitment to greater service, we ask for your continued support as we transition to the next level and continue to be a point of pride for our community.

Medical Staff Officers

Chief of Staff:  Fabio Aglieco, DO
Vice Chief of Staff:  Enrique Leal III, MD

Hospital District Election Ballot

Board Minutes and Agendas