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Sweeny, West Brazos EMS Provide First-in-Class Emergency Care

The EMS team at Sweeny Community Hospital has always been known to provide excellent medical and emergency care.  Not only are they people who consistently impress, but now they have implemented even more lifesaving equipment and technology in their ambulances to treat their patients on site and while en route to the hospital.

“The goal of this most recent protocol update is to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality healthcare available,” said Marcus Finney, EMS Director. “The treatment our patients get even before arriving at the hospital can and often does save lives.”

Finney and his team worked closely with the hospital’s Emergency Department group, Bay Area Emergency Partners. “We are pleased with the services the hospital’s EMS team provides.  It truly was a high performing team that worked to make this possible,” said Corey Anderson, MD and EMS Medical Director.

Very few emergency service teams have implemented most of these protocols. In fact, no other ground EMS service in Brazoria County offers Ofirmev, (IV form of Tylenol) a pain control drug medication that can reduce the use of narcotics to help prevent their patients from falling victim to the opioid crisis our country is currently facing.

Another first for SCH EMS is the administration, while in the ambulance, of IV antibiotics for patients with open bone fractures. Studies have shown that a reduction of severe infection is directly correlated to antibiotic treatment being started as soon as possible. SCH EMS is one of very few services in our region that have this capability.

Other treatments added to the EMS team’s trucks include the use of Heparin, an anticoagulant that is given to patients with active heart attack symptoms. Additionally, Transexamic Acid is given to patients with major trauma who have a risk of internal bleeding.  Studies have shown a decreased mortality rate when given to trauma patients and used in conjunction with other treatments.

All of this technology can only be beneficial to patients if the team utilizing it is top notch. There are 34 employees on the SCH EMS team with 16 being paramedics. They average 13.5 years of experience which is an asset to the hospital in every way.

The hospital has four ambulances and all are Medical Intensive Care Unit capable. The primary station for the ambulances and the team is at the hospital in Sweeny.  They also run a sub-station on Hwy 36 in Brazoria.

“The equipment and medication we carry on the ambulance, makes Sweeny and West Brazos EMS the first service in this area to have this capability, which allows us to provide faster and better care,” said Donald Schauer, SCH EMS Lieutenant. “Sweeny Community hospital EMS has become a model for other services in the area.”

About Sweeny Community Hospital

Sweeny Community Hospital provides healthcare for communities in Brazoria County, Texas. Founded in 1965, the facility offers a wealth of medical services, including 24-hour Level IV trauma center; advanced radiology services, including CT scanning and MRIs; surgical services, physical therapy, patient education, hospice care and assisted living, primary care and specialty care clinics, and more. For additional information, please visit

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